What Type of Company Are We?

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When was the company founded?

The company was founded in 2003 as Montare LLC, but changed the doing business as name later to Dutch Dog Design.

Did the company change its focus over time?

The initial focus was to design products for the cycling industry in the ‘cycling together’ category, but changed over time to the pet industry when we introduced our DoggySnooze product line

Where is the company located?

We have dual locations in the United States and in the Netherlands. See our Contact Us page for more information.

Which geographical markets does the company serve and which office to contact?

We are actively selling in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. The Netherlands office serves Europe and the other markets are served by the US office.

What best describes the company's culture?

We are a design company focused on the consumer. Our Values page best describes where we stand for.


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