Here is our CIO

Chief Inspirational Officer, product tester, constant chaser of dog treats and master of making new friends, Menno the smiling Samoyed is a wonderfully fun office mate.

Samoyed dog and lady hiking

Menno and his lady owner enjoy a hike together


Menno is a sprightly Samoyed whose human companion is Dutch Dog Design owner and designer, Matthys van Leeuwen. This spunky Samoyed enjoys plenty of hiking and biking with his people. On weekends, Menno enjoys exploring the parks and trails of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his owners while riding in his DoggyRide Novel dog bike trailer. With his own personal sunroof unzipped, he can enjoy the fresh air and wind in his fur just like any dog should. Many afternoons are then spent hiking and exploring the trail, chasing after a few sticks and even meeting some new furry friends.

The fun doesn’t stop when it’s time to go back home or to the office. Menno tests out various DoggySnooze and DoggyRide products in the office, at home, and in his kennel. Through this, he’s inspired new products and product redesigns, and he will happily model his work when duty calls. All he asks for in return is some love and attention and copious doggy treats.

Such is the adventurous life of Menno, Chief Inspirational Officer, product tester and lovable office mate!

Meet Menno
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