Major innovations

2003 – Dog bicycle trailer

In May 2003 we introduced a bicycle trailer onto the market in the Netherlands, which was the first bicycle trailer specifically designed for dogs. Even though the idea originated in the Pacific Northwest, the Netherlands was chosen as the introduction market given the nature of cycling in this country and it being the founder’s home country. It became an instant hit and the DoggyRide brand became the household name for dog bicycle trailers. The trailer was then introduced to the United States market in 2007. The base model has undergone some major design changes over the course of time, but the overall cabin design has remained similar.

2004 – Dog jogger/stroller

In September 2004 we converted the dog bicycle trailer into a dog jogger making it the first jogger designed for senior dogs. In 2007 we added the stroller wheel option, and in 2010 we introduced a jogger/stroller combination wheel with a wheel aligner, making it again the only jogger/stroller wheel available with such a crucial option for jogging with your senior dog.

2009 – Modular elevated pet furniture

Continuous innovation in dog bicycle trailers turned out to be the basis for a new product line. While working on a cabin frame design made out of aluminum extrusion tubes, we figured that the same design could also be used for elevated dog beds. The new trailer cabin design appeared to be not as functional as we had hoped, but the elevated furniture design remained and became our first product line outside of the bicycle trailers under the brand name DoggySnooze.

2014 – Dog leash connector

When the founder bought a dog bicycle exerciser his dog refused to use it, but the dog was always willing to run alongside his owner’s bike on a leash. So, the founder thought there should be a better way to go biking with one’s dog. This resulted in the dog leash connector line, which was introduced early spring 2014. The Buddy product now has multiple different versions, including a luxury version with a loop-locker and a dog bicycle exercise arm.

2014 – Bag carrier for bicycle

The dog bicycle exercise was designed in a way that could also be used as bag carrier, which is the basis for a new line under the name Reveler, to be introduced late summer 2014. The new bag line and accessories will operate as an independent company and more info can be found at

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