Dale and Cloverton

dog in dog bike trailer with cyclist, biking uphill

Cloverton and Dale muscling uphill with the Novel dog bike trailer.

Cloverton is a deaf, old English sheepdog who lives in Denver, CO. He and Dale are very involved in raising funds and awareness for multiple sclerosis research, and well supporting deaf children’s organizations and raising aware of the sheer awesomeness of deaf dogs.

Check out some of their accomplishments:

  • Top 100 Fundraiser – 2011 Bike MS Colorado
  • Top 100 Fundraiser – 2012 Bike MS Colorado
  • #1 Fundraising Virtual Participant – 2011 Bike MS Colorado $4500 raised
  • #1 Fundraising Virtual Participant – 2012 Bike MS Colorado $5700+ raised
  • Registered Service Dog

During their training rides and races, Cloverton and Dale have used our Novel dog bike trailers extensively.

Check our more of Cloverton’s adventures on his Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Jamine & Fiji

Jasmine standing next to her bike with dog Fiji

Jasmine and Fiji’s adventure was featured in Pet Project Magazine

Jasmine is an aspiring violinist. In April 2013, she embarked  upon a cross country ride with her doggy, Fiji, and violin, Anakin.

About two years ago, Jasmine and Fiji saved each other. Jasmine rescued Fiji, a mutt, from her local animal shelter (upon learning that Fiji would soon be euthanized). Since Fiji’s adoption, the pair became inseparable. Fiji can’t stand being away from Jasmine and vice versa. Jasmine decided to include Fiji in her dream of cycling across America. “My peace of mind would not be good at all if I left my best friend behind. I’d be wondering if she’s okay, and if she’s sad,” Jasmine explained.

A few months before adopting Fiji, Jasmine had already planned on leaving for a great adventure with her violin. She was going to start in NYC and meet violinists all across the country, and lose all her college weight. She wasn’t able to go then due to the financial and scheduling strain. Two years later, Jasmine didn’t let anything stand in her way. “I refuse to spend the rest of my 20s overweight and unhealthy. I love biking, and it’s low-impact fitness. Cycling across America is saving two birds with one plan–I’m losing weight and having a wonderful time.” As hoped for, she started in NYC and traveled all the way to San Francisco, meeting different people and playing her violin, with Fiji along for the ride. “Fiji loves the bike. She loves being outside, and she loves me. So, I know she enjoyed this journey just as much as I did.”

Jasmine also raised money for the non-profit organization she works for, the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation. “They inspired me to take control of my health. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer … so many things can take away your chances of enjoying and living life to the fullest.” Jasmine has worked to improve her health and live a healthier lifestyle. Fiji motivated her along the way.

Jasmine and Fiji’s adventure was featured in the July/July 2013 issue of Pet Project Magazine.

David & Chiva

David rides his bike with dog Chiva in DoggyRide dog bike trailer

David and Chiva riding through a desert environment.

David and Chiva rode across America in 2008, with the Novel bike trailer, to raise awareness about the challenges and problems animals shelters and control facilities face and improving their images and capabilities.

Their adventure was covered by local newspaper from coast to coast, including the Santa Cruz Sentinel and the Niagara Gazette.

Andrea and Klaus, and their dogs Sammy and Momo

dogs in dog bike trailer, in france.

The foursome takes a break with their DoggyRide trailer, in beautiful France.

Our friends Andrea and Klaus, and their dogs Sammy and Momo, are true adventure travelers.

The pack of four left their home in Bonn, Germany July 14, 2009, and set out to blaze a trail, biking across Europe and through the Middle East. They returned home two years later, July 15, 2011 with happy hearts, plenty of stories and a new furry friend to add to the family.

The fearless foursome has been featured in many media outlets, one of which is German print outlet, Zoo & Co., mapping out their adventure and sharing highlights from the road.

Andrea and Klaus love biking they say, because once your put your feet to the pedals, you feel so happy and what is going on around you doesn’t matter anymore. It’s easy to clear one’s head and and straighten out your thoughts. Biking helps to connect people and bridge new cultures, an example of which will be shared later in their story.

A simple desire to truly enjoy one’s time and explore new cultures inspired them to embark upon their two-year cycling journey, and bring their best fur friends along for the ride. Their goal was to bring joy to others, one smile at a time.

Andrea and Klaus’ dog Sammy is entering her senior years, but this surely doesn’t stop her from enjoying bicycling trips in the DoggyRide trailer, or a good hike with the whole pack.

For Andrea and Klaus, their two-year journey was not only a journey in the physical sense, but one of the heart and mind too. One of the most important takeaways from their travels was seeing how animals make a positive impact on the lives of others and bridges cultural divides.

This was seen most prominently when traveling through Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Various onlookers were timid about petting the dogs. At first. Eventually onlookers become more comfortable in the presence of the dogs, reached out to pet them, and enjoyed petting them. What a great example of “man’s best friend” bridging cultural boundaries and bringing people from all walks of life together!

Andrea and Klaus very much enjoyed their DoggyRide dog bike trailer during their two-year journey, as it not only provided a way to take the dogs along for the ride, but it also became a place to rest, sleep and eat for the dogs. It was a safe haven.

Andrea and Klaus never considering not bringing their two dogs with them on their journey. Simply put, the group is a family of four. Once Andrea and Klaus found the DoggyRide, they knew they found the right medium for travel for their dogs, and off they went. The fun-loving foursome was off to explore the world and en route, touch the lives of others.

Their website, Backtrekk, is decided to sharing photos and videos showcasing their adventures and passions.

They also share videos on their Backtrekk YouTube channel.

Elizabeth and Liam

Elizabeth and Liam, the Jack Russell Terrier, take a 100-day journey biking across America

Elizabeth and Liam, the Jack Russell Terrier, take a 100-day journey biking across America

The Mini trailer was used by Elizabeth and Liam, her Jack Russell Terrier, on their 100-day Across America tour.

Elizabeth yearned to get away from everyday life and spend some time with family while also pursing rewarding life challenges.

Elizabeth detailed her cross-country adventures in her Across America blog.

Manou and Stip

Manou Joosten took a 3944 km trip through Europe with her dog Stip and this trailer.

Lady and dog cycling through Europe taking photo standing next to her bike and doggyride trailer

Manou and her dog Stip cycled over 3,000 kms through Europe with Stip in the Mini trailer during the ride

Julie, Matt, and Jet

The Mini trailer was used by Julie and Matt on a charity bike ride from Canada to Mexico, with their dog Jet joining along in the Mini trailer, to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research. They chronicled their story on their blog, A Pink Frame of Mind. Their local news outlets in the Austin, TX area also reported on their story.

Texas couple plans 2,000-mile bike ride for cancer research


Couple bikes across country for breast cancer awareness

woman, man, and small dog take photo overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Julie, Matt, and Jet stop for a family photo, overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Bikes and dog bike trailer parked near Golden Gate Bridge

Julie, Matt, and Jet have parked their bikes and trailers for a rest in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge

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